A message from the Goddess Shenua

Updated: Mar 26

Gracious greetings, Beloved Star Children.

I am Shenua and I am The Lady of the Light and Goddess of the Sacred Flame. I have not incarnated on your planet; indeed, I have not ever manifested as a physical being for I am the beginning and the end, the Light manifest through the multiverse, and Mother of the Stars.

You are all my children, and the love that breathes and flows throughout the Universe is the love that emanates from my heart in every sacred moment.

I have many names and take many forms. I walk the sacred path as a healer and conduit of light for all forms of life manifested throughout the multiverse.

I come to you now in this sacred moment with a special message regarding the ascension of your planet, the one you call Earth or GAIA. She is the sacred vessel that is carrying you into the Light upon her back so that you, too, may achieve your ascension in this lifetime and forever release the fear that has captivated you for so long, in the illusion of time.

Many of my beloved children have incarnated upon your planet to guide you in this process through the millennia. You may have twisted their teachings over the years, but the core message has remained, despite your efforts to derail that from which Love has labored to free you. I am here to remind you of what you refuse to see with your own eyes. Yes, it is very easy to get caught up in the illusion of the physical surrounding you, but it is of vital importance that you do not let the drama manipulate you in such a fashion. You are a child of the Stars and of the Earth, and are more powerful than you realize. And what you give your attention to, even if it is for but a moment, will grow stronger. Tirelessly we remind you to focus upon the Light and Love, so you can create the world you so desperately desire to build. But if you allow the fear of the world to take root within your energetic frequency, you broadcast that fear and assist the forces which work to keep you from your sacred Godself.

All is truly one in the Light, and said forces of Darkness are merely an illusion of fear and do not truly exist. But in the physical manifestation of your Earth, you cannot see this without truly removing yourself from the darkness and focusing all of your attention upon the Light. Purely knowing that all is unfolding as Love wills and as you release your attachment to the physical reality, you shed the illusion of fear and ascend into the Light as an Angel and Divine Being.

If you do not understand yet, let me make it more clear for you and speak plainly. You are LOVE. You are DIVINE. You are LIGHT. You are SPIRIT. When we say there is no separation between you and Source/God/Love, we mean there is NO SEPARATION AND YOU ARE GOD/GODDESS. You are HOLY and a living-breathing manifestation of CHRIST-MAGDALENE, who devoted countless lifetimes to sew the seeds of Light back into the DNA of humanity. All that is awakening within you now is due to the efforts of the Holy, Sacred union of Yeshu’a-Maria and Mary Magdalene. They are here now, walking with you, hidden in plain sight, and continuing their devotion to raise humanity into the Light, though they go by other names and the Magdalene Queen has manifested herself as many. May you always see yourself as the Divine and listen to the Love beating within your heart as you walk your sacred path back home into the Light. Blessings of Pure white starlight upon you in every sacred moment, Shenua

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