You are the Children of the Stars - A Message from The Goddess

Floating in a sea of light

I can feel the gentle waves caressing my skin

As my hair billows out around me

And I am cradled in a vast ocean of love

The stars are wheeling and dancing above me,

Making love to the infinite, vast multiverse,

the heart of the Goddess

And the light of the YOUniverse.

We are the Children of the Stars

coming home to Love

Precious Beloved Ones,

There is no separation. Put the thought from your mind. Do not listen to your mind for a single moment and focus all of your energy on the Love pouring from your heart.

You are the Children of the Stars, rising and falling and rising again in an endless cycle of Ascension, returning home to the Light that is your true state of being.

Your purification is rewriting your DNA and erasing the codes of fear you have built your world upon. As the tower crumbles and the light is reborn in the world once more though the hearts of Womankind, you ascend ever higher into the light, knowing the darkness that

polluted your being, your Planet, and your collective memory will never again mar the perfected beauty of your Divinity.

As all water leads back to the ocean, so do all paths lead back to the Vast ocean of Love, which you call God. Mistakenly seeing yourself as separate from the YOUniverse, you are beginning to see yourself in everyone and everything around you, stepping purely into the energy of YOUnity Heart Consciousness, for there is nothing out there but you, and you are Love.

When you see everything on your journey, whether you label it as good or bad, light or dark, pleasurable or painful, as a heavenly gift, you open yourself to the truth that all life and all experiences are a gift that lead you back to yourself and the blessings of Love waiting for you in the depths of your Heart.

How can you see the gifts surrounding you if you only focus upon the pain? How can you open yourself to your divinity if you insist on closing yourself off to the world and all that is you?

The life you are living is a garden. Your thoughts are the seeds and your attention is the water you pour upon them to make them grow. If you focus upon fear, suffering, and pain, that is what will grow in your garden.

But if you focus upon Gratitude, Love, and Joy, that is what will grow in your garden. Just like it takes dedication, devotion, and careful attention to make the garden outside of your window grow lovely and beautiful, so to does the garden of your Heart require your Love, devotion, attention, and dedication.

Keep your eyes ever upon the light and focus upon the Love in your heart and you will find the beauty, peace, and happiness you have been seeking.

I Love you and I am always with you,


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