The Sacred Journey Within

Gracious Greetings Beloved Ones!

We come to you in this beautiful now moment to connect with you, heart to heart, and to remind you there is no separation between us and you. We are the Angels and we are surrounding you in sacred love-light in every moment. We are dropping small tokens on your path, to show you we are always with you, and we are working behind the scenes to bring healing and love into your heart in every moment.

Now is a sacred time of rest, rejuvenation, and relaxation. You are finally able to slow down and feel the thrumming heart beat of Mother Earth beneath the soles of your feet as you walk upon her sacred back. You are finally able to quiet your mind and go within to hear your heart speak the holy wisdom of love. You are finally able to heal everything you have buried beneath the surface for so long but never had the time or energy to tend to. What a beautiful gift to be given in such an unexpected way!

Within your heart you will find everything you have been seeking outside of yourself for so long. The time of EGO and SEPARATION are over. No longer will you allow the fear created by your mind to rule over your heart. No longer will you allow the EGO to lead you down a path of self created isolation, loneliness, and pain. You are freeing yourself forever more to ascend into the light of your heart and embrace UNITY-HEART CONSCIOUSNESS!

The sacred path you have tread lifetime after lifetime is leading you back home to the Love of the Goddess and into the Light of Love. Every breath you take is a holy devotion to her Love and this beautiful gift of life. Every step you take upon this Earth is a sacred devotion to Love and the mission of ascension you have been serving for so long. Yes, Beloved Light worker, you are the one you have been waiting for and you have finally come home to the Love overflowing within your heart!

You see yourself in everyone and everything and you truly know there is nothing or no-one that isn't you. You know you are Love, Light, Joy, Peace, and Bliss! The awakening you have been experiencing on your planet is exactly what you needed to come together in your hearts and stop believing in the illusion of the 3D. When you look through the portal of your heart, you see truly the Love that is surrounding you in every moment.

We are always here with you, in your sacred heart center, guiding you and whispering in your ear as you walk your path and choose Love over and over again. There can never be separation between us for, we are you, and we Love you.

Great Mother-Father God, Thank you for this beautiful gift of life!

May you find all that you seek within your heart as we ascend into the 5th dimension.

We are sending you oceans of Love, Joy, Peace, and Bliss,

The Angels

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