Restoring Balance to Mother Earth: A Message from Yeshu'a and Magdalene

Precious Beloved Sisters and Brothers,

Remember that the awakening happening on Earth is a purification and purely Feminine in nature, and that collectively Humanity is experiencing the illusion of a dark night of the soul to purge the darkness it has been holding onto for so long. It must be revealed to be healed.

Just as each of you is going through your own individual awakening experience, the entirety of Humanity is going through this as well. Earth Herself is transforming, ascending, and it is your all-knowing, all-loving, indomitable heart that is the Quantum-Divine engine creating all of it.

Your culture has projected onto the Feminine and Divine Feminine for millennia. It is in your stories. And it is all about Eve. Magdalene. How many times have you heard and seen this story? There are countless examples of this; you know them well: twisted illusions designed to teach you to fear the Feminine and, by extension, your own Divine God Self. For, Woman is God. Woman is Goddess. She is the creatrix and Divine Mother of all life and is to be revered, loved, honored. Balance shall be restored once more as Humanity continues to awaken and embrace the Divine Feminine, Queen of Light once more.

Do not let fear corrupt your Heart and worry your mind. All that is unfolding now is an essential part of the Divine plan, the Great Awakening. The ego is taking its last shuddering breaths as the fear-based masculine energy dies and is reborn in the Light, in Union and in service to the Queen, the Mother of all Creation, to the Divine Feminine.

Let your feelings flow and experience them with unconditional Love, as Love, and release everything in the Light, because ultimately this cannot touch you as a Divine Being. Even as the Governments of the world attempt to strip you of your freedoms, they can never take away your Divinity and keep you in the illusion of separation. For you are all remembering the truth of who you really are and all that is happening now is in service to that most blessed remembrance. And, beloveds, in pure co-creation, we are creating all of this together, as one united essence.

We are Love

We are Light

We are Divine

We are Bliss

Continue to hold the vision of the New Illuminated Earth in your Heart and forgive all that is being revealed to you on both a personal and collective level. Remember: as an evolved soul, you must take responsibility for everything, everything in the Universe. While everything appears to be falling apart, the opposite is true; all of the pieces are rising perfectly in place, in pure unity.

Ultimately, none of the illusion of the ego will last, for you are the Rainbow Children, the Children of Love-Light, and you have come to restore balance to the Earth and to remember the old ways. To cast down the false, 3D matrix and heal the world from the ashes of the old one and create paradise, Heaven on Earth.

Honor the Mother.

Honor the Feminine.

Let go of Fear and stand fast in the Light.

Nothing and no one can truly take your freedom from you, for the false 3D system must fall in order for the New to be born in the Light!

Love and Light and Eternal Joy,


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