How to Start Your Spiritual Practice

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Many Blessings Dear One,

When you are stepping into your practice, at times it might feel like you are unsure of your footing, or where you are meant to go. We are here to remind you that there are no rules with your spiritual practice and you are free to explore what feels right for you. Connecting to the Divine within your heart is a very personal experience, and it will be different for everyone. There is not one "tried and true" method to reach enlightenment. In fact, it is quite the opposite.

Creating Your Practice

We want to encourage you to engage with your spiritual practice with a child-like innocence. When was the last time you gave yourself the freedom to explore your world? To be care-free and see everything from a new perspective?

“There are an infinite number of ways you can connect with Mother-Father God within your heart.”

Are you willing to let your inner child guide your experience and discover what feels good to you? Perhaps you have difficulty sitting in a cross-legged position for too long and trying to quiet your mind in meditation. This may sound impossible to you, in fact. But what if you were creative with your mediation practice and you drew yourself a wonderful bubble bath and surrounded yourself with beautiful crystals? What would your experience be like then? Could you find the quiet spaces between your breath and allow them to fill you up? Or maybe you go for a walk in your neighborhood and you ground yourself into the experience. You feel the breeze on your face, and hear the birds singing in the trees. You find yourself appreciating the beauty of nature around you, whether it is a small potted plant on a neighbors window, or a large oak tree growing in the yard across the street. You find yourself letting go and surrendering to the energy of love surrounding you as you take step, by joyful step. There is no incorrect way to meditate. Perhaps you need movement or something else to be quiet within, and that is what we want you to discover on your own.

There are an infinite number of ways you can connect with Mother-Father God within your heart. The inner wellspring of love will begin to overflow within you as you lose yourself in your passions and allow them to fill you up! Anything can be a spiritual practice when you do it with devotion. The most important thing is your intention behind your actions. Even doing the dishes can be a spiritual experience for those with the imagination to see it as such!

We want you to shift your perspective just a smidge and realize that you can do whatever your heart is guiding you to do in the moment and allow the experience to unfold organically! If you want to have a traditional practice, we are not saying there is anything wrong with this, we just want you to feel outside the box of the mind and stop looking to others to define what being spiritual means to you. Your connection to Divine Source is personal and while it is helpful to learn from the Beloved Masters throughout the ages, they are merely sharing their own experiences. You are meant to discover what makes your heart sing on your own. Why would you ever want anyone to take that beautiful moment away from you or for someone to give you the answers?

All of those beautiful, creative activities you are yearning to express are waiting for you on the other side of fear. The Divine wants to create with you and, in doing so, all of humanity will be uplifted by your devotion and love. You may not enjoy yoga or keeping a journal but you might find yourself lighting up as you sit down to play a musical instrument or when you get together with your friends! Have fun and let gratitude for this beautiful gift of life fill you in every moment! We are so honored to share this ascension journey with you and to walk with you in every moment.

Trust your inner guidance enough to playfully discover the love of the YOUniverse within your own heart! Let your soul sing with passion and devotion as you explore your personal practice and relationship with the Divine. You will find your way upon your path to ascension and we will be here guiding you and loving you every step of the way.

We are surrounding you in Divine white light in every moment.

Pretty Lotus Blossom

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