Heart-Based Grounding Techniques

Precious Beloved Ones,

Grounding is one of the most important energy practices you can engage in on a daily basis. When you practice grounding, you clear your energy and bring your inner world into alignment with the natural rhythm of the Universe. Your very heartbeat is the same as the pulse that underlies everything within your world and when your energy is scattered, you are out of alignment with the core of your being.

The symptoms you may experience when you are not grounded are:







When you are grounded and in alignment with Love in your heart you experience:






The more you practice grounding your energy, the deeper into alignment you will come with Love/The Divine within your heart and thus, the more peace you will experience in every moment. Below we will outline three simple heart based grounding techniques to assist you on your journey. These are merely guidelines to follow and we invite you to find ways to ground that feel good to you.


How many times have you been to the beach and dug your feet into the sand where the surf meets the shore and stood there in communion with the ocean? Or went for a walk through the park and removed your shoes to walk in the cool grass and connect more deeply with the moment?

Walking upon the Earth with bare feet is a powerful practice. With each intentional step you take, you are soaking up the sacred energy from Mother Earth through the SOLES of your feet and connecting deeply with her Love. As you walk in the grass, sand, or dirt, send your energy down through the soles of your feet and use your intention to connect with her Heart. You can say a short prayer and give your thanks to Mother Earth for helping you ground your energy down into her heart. She will guide you as you walk with her and commune lovingly with her on every level.

Allow yourself to open up and receive her unconditional Love and feel her support as she whispers to you that all is truly well. Let the experience be unique to you! What are you feeling in these moments? What are you hearing? How does the wind feel upon your face or the sun light feel dancing across your skin? Ground yourself into the present moment and surrender to the magic that is surrounding you.

"Beloved Mother Earth, Thank you for connecting deeply with my energy and surrounding me in Lovelight as I connect my energy deeply with yours. I am so grateful for you in every moment and I know in my heart we are one. Thank you Thank you Thank you!"

Intentional Breathing

We are not always able to take our shoes off and walk in the park or go for a stroll on the beach and wiggle our toes in the sand. Sometimes we are caught up with the hustle and bustle of our busy day and we barely have 5 minutes to spare for ourselves. Or at least, that is how it may seem. You always have 5 minutes for yourself and the devotion to your practice in that moment could transform your entire day!

Connect with your body by gently letting go of your thoughts and bring your attention to your breath. Wiggle your toes in your shoes, roll your shoulders around, and gently roll your neck to bring your awareness to the present moment. Take 5-10 deep breaths. That means breathe deeply into your belly, fill your lungs from bottom to top, and feel your shoulders lift slightly as you fill your body with air. Release slowly by breathing out and tracing the path you followed in with your breath, squeezing your lower abdomen slightly to fully exhale all of the air in your lungs.

As you are breathing send your energy down into the Earth and feel your heart expand in the present moment. You can do this when you are standing in line at the grocery store, when you are running errands and you have a spare minute before you go into the store, or when you are working at your desk and feeling stressed and disconnected. Whenever you feel the need to clear your energy, you can simply take 5 deep breaths, and drop into your body. Remember to offer a silent "Thank you" when you are finished as it is always important to practice gratitude with everything you do.

Cord of Light

A beautiful practice to start or end your day with is by grounding yourself with your cord of light that grows out of your tailbone and connects you with Mother Earth. This cord of light is usually pure white in color and is roughly the diameter of when you touch your thumb and forefinger in a circle. This cord of light runs up and down your spine and exits out of the top of your head and also out of your tailbone.

Sit quietly in a comfortable position and feel your sits bones connecting to the floor beneath you. If you can imagine yourself sitting in nature, this will be even more powerful for you. See the cord of light growing out of your spine and connecting deep into the Earth. Use your intention to send this cord of light ever deeper through Mother Earth as it travels through the soil, the loam, the water, and the rock that comprises our beautiful planet. See and feel a large ball of light, usually blue or green in color, knowing this is the Heart of Mother Earth and experience yourself wrapping your cord of light around her heart. Send your energy deep into her light and open yourself to receive her Unconditional Love.

As you sit quietly feel the energy of Love gently enter your body and wash away all of your stress, anxiety and fear. Breathe the energy deep into your body and feel it cycle up as it spreads throughout your entire being. Surrender to the moment and expand with every breath you take. When you are ready, softly shift your body and bring your attention back to the present moment and offer your prayer of thanks to the Divine.

Using these practices every day to clear your energy will bring you deeper into alignment with the peace that lives within your heart and help you be more solid and grounded within your energy. You will find you are experiencing less anxiety and stress over all and that you will be less sensitive to the events that would normally rock your inner world. Like the mighty oak tree, you will stand strong, rooted deep into the Earth and feel less overwhelmed by the roller coaster of your emotions. Your emotions and feelings are certainly a gift but they should not rule you or control your state of being. You are always in control of your vibration and you are able to shift out of lower state of being at any moment. There is an ocean of bliss living within your heart and when you ground your energy, you quiet your mind enough to connect to the stillness within.

Remember, it the power of your intention coupled with the depth of your devotion to your practice that will yield incredible results. Don't get caught up in the details. Allow your heart to guide you on your path and you will go very far indeed. Love is always guiding in every moment.

You have the power to transform your inner world and heal the sacred wounds you carry within your heart. We are with you in every moment as you traverse this sacred path back to Love. May you find everything you are searching for within yourself, for that is where it all truly lies.


Pretty Lotus Blossom

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