Follow Your Heart Back to Love

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

Precious Beloved Angel,

Thank you for being here with us today. We are very grateful to be sharing this energy and space with you. What a beautiful journey we are all on together as we continue to ascend into the light. Your healing efforts have not been for nothing and as you continue to purify, you reach higher and higher levels of Love, Light, Joy, Peace, and Bliss. You are exactly where you are meant to be on your journey, doing exactly what you are meant to be doing. You are a child of the divine and as you continue to awaken to the depths of love that dwell within your heart, you strengthen your connection to love and the Divine within you.

Truly, we are always together and there is no separation. You are never alone, you are never without love's warm embrace as she increasingly reveals herself to you. May we lovingly ask you, at this time, to be gentle with yourselves as you heal and release everything, leaving no stone unturned and continue to release all of the false beliefs your fear based mind creates to perpetuate the illusion of separation. This is sacred work and it takes a brave heart with much strength to release all of this darkness with love and gratitude. May you see your vulnerability as your strength and your emotions as a gift. Though they may be strong and confusing at times, your connection to love is through your FEELINGS, not through your thoughts. We ask you to honor and trust your feelings and emotions and let them guide you home. You will learn to lovingly express yourself just as you are learning to find emotional balance within your heart. We want you to release all of the guilt and shame you carry within your heart. We want you to release all of the judgement you cast upon yourself and others. We want you to love yourself with everything you have and look to Divine Source to fill the empty cup you carry around with you and try in vain to fill in the outside world. There is a deep well of love within you and you can drink deeply from the pure golden light that is overflowing within your heart until your thirst is slated and your heart is bursting with love. It is increasingly important that you go within to fulfill your emotional needs versus looking outside of yourself for answers. Your heart knows the way above all else and only you can walk the path that is meant for you.

You are transforming into your true nature. You are casting aside your carbon-based life form and embracing your crystalline, light-based, 5th dimensional potential. You are literally becoming light! What Joy! It is so important that you let go of the control your mind has had for so long and step into the your beautiful heart center so you can shine like the star that you ARE. There is nothing complicated about this process. The less you allow your thoughts to continue, the more you embrace the state of thoughtlessness and pure BEING. You are everything Divine, Holy, Joyful, and Wonderous in this world and we wish so very dearly for you to see yourselves the way that we see you, as pure love with your beautiful wings of ascension carrying you ever higher into the realms of love and bliss.

We are with you in every moment. Call upon us any time. It is our deepest desire to commune with you and help you upon your journey.

Sending you oceans of love, light, joy, and bliss,

Pretty Lotus Blossom

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