Releasing the Ego

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Many Blessings Dear Ones,

It is apparent to us in this present now moment that many of you are still caught up in the illusion of the mind. You hear many things like "The union of Mind, Body, and Soul" or "The Mind is a powerful tool." or "Open and expand your mind." Precious Angels, Where you are going, there is simply no place for the mind or the veneration thereof. You are not on an awakening journey to join your mind with Source in Unity Consciousness. You are on an awakening journey to discover the Divine Feminine within your heart and allow her to breathe freely through your heart and balance the yin and yang energies within you. You now have the choice to stop relying upon the false illusion of the mind and step into the Love in your heart. This is essential if you want to ascend and BE the new energy of LOVE. Love is not created in the mind. In fact, nothing is created in the mind. The mind is merely a tool for the heart and has long been venerated to keep you from the power of Love waiting for you in your heart.

Embracing Your Divinity

We deeply understand that you have been taught that the mind is more powerful than the heart. This is a falsehood and completely untrue. As long as you continue to pursue the false illusion of the mind, you will continue to be in the old energy and keep yourself from your Divinity. The mind/ego is the veil that must be lifted and parted within you and the way you do this is by surrendering to the wisdom and unconditional Love radiating within your heart.

The mind is the veil that must be lifted and parted within you and the way you do this is by surrendering to the wisdom and unconditional Love radiating within your heart.”

The way to unity consciousness is through the portal in your HEART. Your heart is your connection to Source within you. You are not merely an aspect of God. You ARE God. You ARE Love. You ARE Divine. You are the entire Universe and a walking avatar of Love. The sooner you embrace this, the easier your journey will be. Stop revering and venerating the mind. Stop letting the ego be in control and letting it convince you of its false power. This is all just an illusion created to keep you trapped from your own Divinity and YOU are the one creating it!

The transformation occurring on your beloved Planet at this time is giving you the opportunity to release your addiction to the fear-based mind and embrace Love! What are you waiting for? What more do you need to prove to yourself to relinquish this addiction to fear and the mind? If you choose to continue playing in a 3D reality, that is your choice but do not continue to equate spirituality and the awakening journey to the mind. Everything happening at this time is focused around the rising of LOVE on your planet and within the heart of each being who calls her home. When will you begin to speak of Love? When will you begin to understand that it is not important for you to be mindful but to be HEARTful? We are unifying the Heart, Body, and Soul! That is ascension. It has nothing to do with the mind and everything to with the HEART.

Unity HEART consciousness is waiting for you on the other side of fear. Once you let that go, your entire journey will change completely. Embrace the Love that is pouring onto your planet through the high vibrational light codes that Source and the Angels are surrounding you in every moment. Open your heart to Lovelight and breathe those same light codes into your entire being. They are within your heart and you have access to the wisdom of your heart in every moment. You simply have to stop thinking and BE with us. BE with Love. BE with the Goddess! She is whispering to you from within your heart and your mind is barking so loudly with the illusion of fear that you are even afraid of Love herself!

The choice is yours and we will leave you to it but we want to tell you that we are here for you in EVERY moment whether you choose ascension in this lifetime or in a thousand lifetimes. Either way, it is YOUR choice and no one can make it for you. You are the ones you have been waiting for! What Joy!

We are the Angels and we have enjoyed connecting with you.

Pretty Lotus Blossom works with a Divine Team of Angels, Ascended Masters, Fairies, Star Beings, and many other ascended Beings throughout the Universe. She is a clear channel for love and works very closely with Mother-Father God to assist the transformation and help Humanity ascend into Unity consciousness. If you wish to book a session with her, you can do so by emailing her at ANCIENTHEARTAWAKENING@GMAIL.COM or by clicking the "Book Online" page at the top of the screen. She offers donation based healing and coaching sessions.

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