Connecting with the Heart of Love

Gracious Greetings Beloved Ones,

We are so blessed to connect with you in this beautiful moment. Thank you for being here with us as we continue to ascend in the light and uplift all of humanity. We wanted to take a few moments to speak about the Love that flows throughout all life so you can connect more deeply within your heart center.

The energy of Love is weaving her hand through all things and increasingly revealing herself to you in every moment. She is reminding you who you are and the more you pay attention to Love and plug in to things that uplift your vibration, the more you invite Love into your heart. Quiet your mind, Dear One, and focus on your heartbeat. Place your hands upon your heart and breathe Divine white light into your being and exhale all that is no longer serving you. As you focus on your breathing and tune in to the song within your heart, you connect ever deeper with Divine Source within your being. Invite Spirit into your inner world and open your arms to receive her Unconditional Love, Grace, and Bliss. The heartbeat of the Goddess is truly your own. There is no separation from Source. Anything that speaks of separation or says you are even an aspect of the Divine, is teaching from the fear based mind and perpetuates your separation from Divine Source.

"Remind yourself that you are one with Divine Source and that all life is breathing in Unity Consciousness."

The next time you take a walk or find yourself out in nature, call upon the Angels and ask them to help you connect more deeply with the heartbeat of the Universe. Feel this heartbeat thrumming within your own breast and feel her gentle vibrations beneath the soles of your feet. Ground deeply into her sacred energy and feel Love surrounding and saturating every fiber of your being. Remind yourself that you are one with Divine Source and that all life is breathing in Unity Consciousness. Walk with intention as you move upon her back and plant your hands in the grass and feel your connection to all life. Breathe deeply, the energy of her Love, as it moves around and within you. Give thanks for this beautiful gift of life and uplift your eyes to the beautiful sky above you as the light of Love bathes you in her holy radiance. Your sacred intention to be one with all life around you is the most important part of all of your sacred practice.

The Heartbeat of Mother Goddess is within all life and you can tap into her sacred energy at any moment. When you are grounding into the energy of Beloved Mother Earth, you are connecting with the heart of the Goddess and expanding your energy in the inner-upper realms of light. This helps you experience Bliss, Unity, and Love within your heart and elevates your consciousness as you continue to ascend in the light. Your dedication to your spiritual practice is seen and known by every Angel in the Heavens and you have a team of Spirit Guides, Ancestors, and Angels cheering you on and helping you in every moment! You can call upon Love for help any time and in a heartbeat you will be surrounded by a countless number of beings who want to be of service to you. You are never truly alone as Love is with you in every moment. Even when you can't see or hear her, she is there, pouring her Love over your wounds and drying your tears as she holds you in her arms and sings softly into your heart.

The more you connect in with the beautiful, sacred heartbeat of Mother Goddess, the more you will see her living presence in all things. We are always with you and we are surrounding you in Golden-White light in every moment. May your feet find the sacred paths within the forest of your heart and lead you back to Love's arms.

Many Blessings,

Pretty Lotus Blossom

If you would like personal guidance on your healing journey, you can book a private, virtual session with Pretty Lotus Blossom through the "Book Online" tab. We offer donation based energy healing sessions to help you connect more deeply with Spirit within your heart. Thank you.

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