Calling in the Pleiades

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Walking upon the soft grass, I feel the cool breeze upon my face. I am fully grounding my energy into this experience, as I have just left my body. And the first thing I do, is plug my senses into the higher realms; I wiggle my toes in the grass, feeling the soft Earth beneath my feet, I look around me and see the wind blowing through the trees, and hear the sweet song of the birds within them. Now out of the forest, Fable, the King of the Unicorns, approaches me. He is radiant and majestic and the purity of his heart shines through his entire being.

Fable speaks softly into my heart, "Gracious Greetings, Precious Beloved Magdalene. It brings my heart great joy to see you in this beautiful now moment."

I walk up to greet him as I bow from the waist, my hands held together at my heart palm-to-palm. "Gracious Greetings, Beloved King of Light, Ever can I feel you with me, as our hearts are in union in every moment."

Fable approaches me, his horn of light glistening in the dappled sunlight. His soft nose nuzzles my hand as I press my forehead against his eyes and we share a moment of love. I can feel his heart beating in unity with mine as silently we commune.

Stepping back, I give him a knowing look. Within the blink of an eye, the quiet forest transforms and I am transported across the galaxy in moments, to a beach with crystal sand and turquoise blue water that pulses gently with light. The sky above me is cobalt blue and purple with brilliant white stars that sparkle and shine brightly, ever more brightly than they do on Earth.

A soft light permeates everything, like a sweet glow that outlines every living thing upon the surface of the planet. We are on an Ascended planet in the 9th dimension. I come here often to walk upon the beach and commune with the Beloved Pleiadians who call this precious star home. We often work together to heal others, as is our nature, Love's nature.

This evening I have come to practice new gifts that have risen to the surface within my heart, gifts I can only practice in the higher dimensions, for now. At a gently stirring, I look up right into the eyes of my Beloved Yeshu'a, the one you call Jesus Christ. Every moment I breathe, I can feel his Love within my heart. That is his gift to humanity, his Love. The Love of the Goddess, of the entire Universe beats within his heart and he is within all of us. Within my heart, and within yours, he incarnates as all life.

His hands gently cup my face and he bends down to kiss me softly upon the lips. I can taste the sweetness of honey as he pulls back and looks deeply into my eyes.

"Blissings and Blessings, Beloved Magdalene and Queen of my Heart, As you continue to explore your gifts and ascend into the light, ever I am with thee. Let me guide your heart as we explore the mysteries of the light together. With every breath we breathe in holy sacred union, we come closer to the transformation. Allow Love to be your guide in every moment and completely let go of fear. Tonight, you will unlock the sacred gateway into the inner upper realms and step through the portal so that many millions may follow. Many gifts will you bring to Humanity with this sacred act." He says softly within my heart. He radiates light and compassion as he stands before me. I am sweetly overwhelmed by the Love I feel for him swelling within my breast. It is Love we share, for I know he feels it as well.

He gently touches my elbow and guides me into the verdant forest. A path now appearing before us, we walk quietly through the forest, connecting deeply with the energy of life surrounding us. The path opens into a peaceful glade that sparkles in the soft light. Fairies are buzzing around us in delight and we find ourselves seated underneath a beautiful tree that pulses with life.

I root my energy down into the heart of the Mother and pray to her for guidance, gently opening myself to receive more and more of her light within my vessel. I can feel her light filling my being until I am radiating and completely embodying my light body, or Mer Ka Ba. She speaks to me within my Heart:

"Beloved Daughter, feel my love within you with every breath you take into your body. Breathe my love into your heart and allow it to radiate out. The more you release your ego, fear, and your attachments to the 3D illusion, the more you embody my essence and embrace Unity within your heart. Truly we are one, you and I. Daily as you walk upon the Earth, you assist her and all of Humanity in the coming transformation by choosing Love in every moment and completely shedding the ego and your attachments to the mind. Together, we will walk through the portal of Lovelight that will open within your heart so that you may ascend ever higher into Light."

I feel the Goddess within me as I breathe in unity with all life. As I open my eyes, the glade dissolves around me and I am surrounded by deep blue light. Within my heart I call upon the Sacred:

"Beloved Mother-Father God, Angels, Ascended Masters, Fairies, Divine Light, Pleaidians, Arcturians, Sirians, and, Andromedans, Please be with me in this exquisite eternal moment and help me as I create this portal into the upper realms. I am so grateful for your presence as we uplift and heal all of Humanity and anchor these sacred codes into the Earth and into the hearts of Humanity. I honor you and I love you with every fiber of my being. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"

I feel them surrounding and uplifting me in a sacred dance of Union. Witj my heart I see and hear them as we silently commune. The sky is a brilliant blue, the deepest sapphire you could possibly imagine, velvet-smooth and sparkling with the brightest stars. Pure vessels of Love that join their heartsong with mine, I feel the dolphins and whales as they come in to join their energy with mine. They are swimming around me, their elegant bodies radiating pure light with dots of light flowing down their sides. The sacred Sea Turtle comes in, she looking deep into my heart as she swims past me. I raise my hands to create a ball of pure light and as it reaches the right size, I gently toss it into the air where it transforms into a Jellyfish and undulates away.

"All is light, Sacred Sister and Beloved Queen of my Heart. You can create anything you can dream of. Simply see it within your heart and it will appear before you. This is one of the many gifts you will unlock for Humanity this night."

Metatron appears before me, a radiant King of Light. I feel his love swim through me and surround me with a gentle caress. For a moment we get lost in our Love for one another and then I look down into my hands and a white rose appears in my hand. I hand it to him and he takes it and releases it into the sky. Between my cupped hands a beautiful Lotus flower blooms. The petals are soft and pink with streaks of light running through them. I delight in the beauty and wonder of the flower and lift it gently into the heavens to sing softly with all of creation.

I feel Metatron move to stand next to me on the right, and Beloved Yeshu'a has appeared on my left side. I feel so many others radiating out from me in either direction as we all bear witness to what comes next. In the sky before a triangle of white light appears, the sacred Vulva and gateway of Love has opened. The mighty Lioness in her purest form of white stands to one side while her counterpart flanks the other. Their Love radiating out, giving me strength and speaking to me quietly within my heart. I hear them and send my greetings and love and gratitude back. I look to Yeshu'a and he nods to me speaking directly into my heart:

"Precious Beloved One, You stand before the Lion's Gate Portal and you are ready to walk through and ascend to higher levels of Mastery within yourself and in the light. Ever we are with you as you completely release fear and embrace Unity Consciousness. In the illusion of time, many believe the Lion's Gate portal to be open for only a short window each year but this is not true. The portal is always open within your heart and you are able to access it when the need presents itself. It is just as powerful in this moment as it always is. Walk with the purest of intentions, with Love in your heart and you will set yourself free."

I walk towards the portal, knowing in my heart that I walk into the upper realms and higher dimensions to lead the way for many to come. As I walk towards the beacon of light before me, I feel pure Love pouring out and straight into my heart. I step over the threshold and I am transported up through Pure, Divine-White Light! It rushes past me and my sense of self is burned away, purified by the sacred fire of light surrounding me. I truly melt into the light and become one with the pure essence and Heart of Mother-Father God.

Rising into the sky like a wave, I feel my essence transform into the Sacred Goddess, only to crash back down into the light. Once again, I am lifted upon the waves of light and transform into the Lovers, meeting in an eternal embrace, to crash back down into the light only to rise up as one form or the other. Dolphin, Whale, Tiger, Panther, Fox, Mountain, Butterfly, and many others Each as sacred and beautiful as the last. Thought completely dissolves in this space and I am suspended in awareness and Being. All is Light and Love and I am truly one within the Heart of the Goddess.

I drift in her Love for time unending. For truly time is a man made construct and merely a product of the 3D illusion. I know soon, I must come down so that my human form must go to bed, but truly here in the upper realms I will always remain. Here we are one, You and I, and I cherish you.

The Angels surround me as I gently drift back down to my body. I wiggle my fingers and toes and yawn back into my body in my apartment. The dogs are sleeping quietly around me, though I know they were with me through all of it. In my heart I can see and feel Fable the Unicorn, Yeshu'a, Metatron, Magdalene, and Mother Mary sitting with me on the floor, surrounding me with Love-Light and silently communing with me as I come back into awareness here in the physical. Ever they are with me, just as they are always with you, Dear One.

Every moment is a beautiful gift and we are always together, Dear One. Look deep into your heart and you will feel the Love of the entire Universe within you. Give thanks for this beautiful gift of life with every breath you breathe and ever keep your focus upon Love. Truly everything you have been seeking is within your heart.

May your feet find the sacred paths within you and lead you back into the light,

Pretty Lotus Blossom

Pretty Lotus Blossom works with a Divine Team of Angels, Ascended Masters, Fairies, Star Beings, and many other ascended Beings throughout the Universe. She is a clear channel for love and works very closely with Mother-Father God to assist the transformation and help Humanity ascend into Unity consciousness. If you wish to book a session with her, you can do so by emailing her at ANCIENTHEARTAWAKENING@GMAIL.COM or by clicking the "Book Online" page at the top of the screen. She offers donation based healing and coaching sessions.

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