A Divine Symphony of Love

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

We are the Goddess and we speak...

We take all of Humanity into our heart.

The energy is heavy and our pure white wings are splattered in dirt, soot, darkness, and dross.

Spreading our wings, we lift into the sky, holding all of the souls of collective in our heart.

As we beat our wings, at first we labor as we fly and exert all of our energy to gain height in the light.

We can feel each beat of our wings purifying the darkness and with every movement, it becomes easier to rise in the light.

Calling upon Divine White Light, the last vestiges of fear and darkness are released and once more, our wings are white as snow.

All is purified and released in the Heart-Fire of Divine White Light.

All is forgiven.

Our ascent into the light is weightless as we soar ever higher, carrying our precious cargo in the center of our heart.

Humanity is our treasure and each soul is as precious to us.

Hovering in the light, we can feel the Angels surrounding us in a beautiful choir of Ecstasy and Love.

One by one, like dandelion seeds upon the wind, we release the souls of Humanity into the Light and they float and dance in a Divine Symphony of Joy!

Dancing with the Angels

Singing with the Stars

Forever dwelling in the light of

Unity Heart Consciousness.

We are surrounding you in Divine white light in every moment.

~Pretty Lotus Blossom~

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