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I'm Pretty Lotus Blossom


An energy healer, spiritual blogger, and intuitive oracle card reader.

I am a daughter of the stars, a wandering fairy, a priestess of Magdalene, a conduit of pure love, and an eclectic witch! I dance to the beat of my own drum and I listen to my heart, as she guides me on the magical path of Life!


I discovered my gifts as an energy healer through my own sacred healing journey into my heart to heal my soul wounds and bring my inner being back into alignment with Love. Through this devotion, I discovered that Love is the ultimate healer for all disease, pain, trauma, and is the water the world needs to heal the hearts of Humanity and heal the destruction that has been wrought upon Mother Earth. I have served as a successful healing conduit for grief, addiction, anxiety, depression, fatigue, stress, infantile spasms, and trauma. I serve as a loving guide into the heart to help others discover their way upon their sacred paths. 


My passions are honestly too numerous to list but I love traveling, hiking, singing, song writing, and modeling! I am also a book worm and I love to block out the world and get lost in a good story. 


I created this blog to share my knowledge about energy healing and ascension so that I may help others to discover their sacred gifts and embrace their magic and divinity. The Earth is experiencing a mass awakening and it is my sacred mission to assist in the healing and ascension of Humanity and Mother Earth. May you find all that you are seeking within your heart and always trust your intuition on your journey back to Love.

My Mission is to guide humanity back to the remembrance of who we truly are and be a living example of Love in every moment.

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