Step into the forest

of your beautiful heart center

Hello Beloved One, and welcome to Ancient Heart Awakening. We bow to you in infinite love and gratitude for your presence in this sacred space. What a blessing to be on this cherished healing journey with you. We are very grateful for your devotion to purify your inner world and your vessel, as this heals all of humanity and raises the consciousness of the entire planet.  Every breath we take together in unity brings us one step closer to our true nature and unlocks the truth we have hidden from ourselves for so long. For we are beings of pure love and pure light and we will never again let the veil of the mind keep us in separation from who and what we truly are: Love. 


The Goddess is rising within the heart of humanity, and we are here to assist Her in our ascension, becoming pure conduits of healing Lovelight for the world and birthing the 5th dimension here on Earth. As Love stirs within our hearts, we awaken ever deeper to the depth of her unconditional Love for all life. There is nothing too big or too small for Love’s warm embrace, no wound too deep and no burden too heavy. Love is calling us home, down the sacred corridor of our heart, and as we release everything into the Light with gratitude, we heal all of creation.


We are inviting you to open yourself to the magical world within your heart that is also surrounding you in every moment. The Angels walk with you daily, the Fairies are dancing with you in joy, the flowers are singing their sweet song that lilts upon the wind, if you can but close your eyes and listen. There is an entire world within you that is calling out to you! All you have to do, Dear Heart, is listen, be still, and believe. Ancient Heart Awakening is purely devoted to guiding you along your healing path as you release your heavy burdens and sacred wounds and embrace the divinity within your heart. Now you awaken to the magic within and discover your true nature within the light.



Meet the Team

Pretty Lotus Blossom is a daughter of the Stars and a pure vessel of love here on Earth. She has come on a sacred mission to assist in the healing and ascension of humanity and  Mother Earth. Her purest intention is to guide humanity back to the remembrance of who we truly are and be a living example of love in every moment.

Pretty Lotus Blossom discovered her gifts as an energy healer through her own sacred journey into her heart to heal her soul wounds and bring her inner being back into alignment with Love. Through this devotion she truly knows that love is the ultimate healer for all disease, pain, trauma, and is the water the world needs to heal the hearts of humanity and to heal the destruction that has been wrought upon the Earth. She has served as a successful healing conduit for various emotional imbalances and is a loving guide into the heart to help others discover their way upon their sacred path.


She loves spending time in nature and pursuing the passions of her heart. She works very closely with love and the Angels within the light on a daily basis to anchor in higher dimensional energies and assist with the coming transformation. 




Spence deLéon is a son, a mother, and Star Child of this earth, blanket of love  everlasting. A natural born healer, Spence deLéon has been a conduit for the universal language of love, the sacred vibrations of music. Sent here to our Mother Earth to assist humanity in the  ascension into the light, higher realm of existence, he offers ancient wisdom, healing through  music, self-love by guiding the divine practice of yoga, and by listening to all his brothers and  sisters of humanity in their time of need. 


As a young Star Child, Spence deLéon found his ability to bring peace to those in  turmoil through his unequivocal understanding of the connection of divine unity. A natural born  listener, he offers support by holding space for those who struggle to find it for themselves. As a  teenager, Spence deLéon found new ways of healing though the universal language of love, the  sacred vibrations of music. As a composer, Star Child, and lover of all humanity, he strives to  guide by light and offer love to all who listen. As he reached his early twenties, Spence deLéon discovered the divine practice of yoga. Combined with his devotion to music, he has healed  himself from emotional and physical trauma, therefore becoming an ever-growing light of love.


“The more you play the more you hear; the more you listen the more you begin to understand  what you’re hearing.”




Co-Creators of New Earth

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Ancient Heart Awakening is graced to be partners and co-creators with We Are Love, who are wholly devoted to the rising feminine spirit on the planet and anchoring in pure Love to usher in the new illuminated world. We Are Love is creating music, film, and art that uplifts and heals all of Humanity. 


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